Super Secret
Freelance Network

SSFN is a collective studio that tackles interesting design & tech problems.

What We Do

We love to help amazing startups and brands build mobile and web apps. We'll construct the best team for your project and work to building something special. Here's how we can help:

  • Create your digital strategy
  • Design & build user friendly mobile apps
  • Develop websites & landing pages that brings in customers
  • Process analytics & user feedback to improve your product

Contact Us

Projects we're passionate about:

  • You have an idea of an app you want us to help develop longterm
  • You have the design team, but need the dev team and vise versa
  • You have a product and want to take it to the next level

Projects that are not the best fit:

  • You just need a project built and right away
  • You're looking to find the lowest price possible
  • You need a lot of features built without a gameplan
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